January 28, 2011

Another dandy chair re-do

Brandi from Don't Disturb this Groove started to fix up this old battered chair and almost gave up on it. I'm so glad she didn't because look how it turned out! 

Pretty pretty! and Very impressive---especially since this is her first chair re-do. Good job Brandi!

a cushy for your tushy

I can't ever find anything good at thrift stores. Ever! and it's probably because gals like Alicia from thrifty and chic is snagging up all the good stuff before i even step foot in the store. Check out this cushioned chair. a little battered, but definitely a goody.

It's just perfect for her that little corner of her living room.
Someday i'll get somethin good from the thrift store. Until then, I will enjoy the fruits of other people's labors.

Chandy Eye Candy

Stacy who, by the way, is NOT JUST A HOUSEWIFE, is indeed a chandelier makeover expert. I would have looked right past this brassy old chandy, giving it no thought (then again, i AM just a housewife) Stacy got it off ebay and went right to work with her chandy-bead-necklace-making skills.

Just lovely. 
and I don't think I have envied anyone's ceiling as much as I do now.

January 26, 2011

Hutch Envy

Agatha at Audistree wasn't crazy about this  plain old hutch so she gave it a new look with some nice white paint, distressed and glazed it and added new pulls.

It looks beautiful especially against that pretty blue wall. 

from pretty and stylish to....pretty and stylish (still)

This really shouldn't be considered a before photo because I would be down right ecstatic to have my bathroom look like this. Katie at Cowbow Phraseology wasn't totally in love with her bathroom and waited very patiently to make a few changes. 

The shower curtain is so pretty and i love those shutters! 

Orange-ya glad ya found it?

Laurie from House to Your Home spotted a comfy arm chair at goodwill and got a killer deal on it! She is an interior designer so she definitely has an eye for beauty and knew the bright orange diamond patterned chair could go from this.... 

 into this pottery barn look-alike......

Nice job Laurie!

AQUA-lity dresser

This sturdy craiglist dresser had some wonderful qualities and Black Kat Design knew exactly what it needed to bring out its full potential. Look at the carved detailed drawers! So beautiful! 

and with some aqua spray paint.....
TA DA!!!....

January 25, 2011

Yard Sale Love

I love Myra's darling nightstand makeover--especially those cute turquoise knobs!

The stenciled top is so pretty! She has two fabulous blogs called the casabella project and my blessed life.

Atrocious to Awesome

This is one of my favorite kitchen remodels. Leah who has a house obsession (it's a blog too) completely demolished this awful and (disgusting) dungeon-esque kitchen and started from scratch to build her gorgeous dream kitchen. 

And after: It's unbelievable! It almost brings tears to my eyes. 

Play Some Funky Music Radio...

How cool is this radio table? 


Now... add a little lime green spray paint.... and it looks hip, bright and FUNKY! I'm loving the contrast that dark purple wall provides. I found these photo's on Design Sponge.  


Feelin' Blue

This poor hutch was feeling a little blue. After months of being left alone in the cold gloomy garage, Jaymee and Ryan from Crafty Hearts, Warm Home decided to give it the love it deserved.  

Whoa. Is this even the same hutch? It looks fantastic! and much happier now :) Nice work Jaymee and Ryan!

I can't stop STAIRing

stairs before and after

Wuuuuaaaaoow. I'm in love with this stairway makeover. Kate (the Centsational-and-very-talented-genius-Girl) tackled this huge project and shares her journey here
Mike and Melanie from the Frosted Gardner took this ordinary hutch and gave it a beautiful makeover with vintage white paint. (can you go wrong with white paint? I don't think so) They slightly distressed it and added oil rubbed bronze hardware.

Crisp white paint with subtle distressing... ahhh...

January 24, 2011

Velvet Chair Beauty

 I have an affection for velvet. It's very classy. I wouldn't go as far as George Costanza and say "I would drape myself in velvet if it were socially acceptable" but I do like it. Kate, the centsational girl turned this awful mustard colored thrift store chair ...
chair before

into this soothing, velvety, and very classy beauty. 
camel velvet chair after


From: Kristen at kfd designs  


I adore the key holes!

dining room cabinet that will make you swoon

Rachel at Southern Exposure did an amazing transformation with this two piece cabinet. I am swoooooning over the finished result.

With the help of her husband Rachel replaced the pictures of the greek gods with mirrors and attached decorative molding on top of each mirror. Are you ready to see the masterpiece...?

[insert hallelujah chorus] 

.......absolutely stunning.  

a story of a cupboard

katie from impatiently praying for patience

life in the fun lane

Holly at Life in the Fun Lane is the queen of transforming ugly, worn down furniture...

into something stunning and beautiful!

She also painted this armoire and it looks amazing!!



i love her blog. She never disappoints.